Frequently asked questions for donors

Do you have questions about your donation or purchase?

Why do I have a charge from Simplyk?
Simplyk is a platform that provides fundraising tools to charities and nonprofits. You have either donated money to a charity or have purchased a ticket to an event from an organization that uses Simplyk for its transactions. By entering the keyword Simplyk into your email search bar, you will be able to find an email with details regarding the organization and your transaction.
How will I receive my donation receipt for my taxes?
If you have made a donation or purchase that provides an income tax receipt, you will receive it in the thank you email for your donation. Please check your spam folder if you have not received it. You can also find all the receipts for donations you've made through our platform by activating your Simplyk account. This account is automatically created once you make a donation and you can access it by using the email address you used to make your donation. You can also contact the organization receiving the donation to get a copy of the receipt.
What is the additional amount on my payment?

At Simplyk, our mission is to offer all organizations access to the best technology, for free. The charity or organization you have contributed to does not pay to use our services. We can provide these tools at no cost thanks to the generosity of online donors. At the payment confirmation step, we offer donors the choice to support our platform by leaving a voluntary contribution, which represents the additional amount on your payment. 

Will I receive my donation receipts in the new year?
Yes! Every January, we will send you a summary of all your donation receipts.
How do I manage my monthly donation?
You can end your monthly donation by activating your Simplyk account. You will have the option to cancel the donation and you will see all your receipts. If you would like to adjust the amount of your donation, you can cancel it and create a new monthly donation.
Can I update my credit card information?
Yes! Whether your card is expiring or you would like to change your card, you can update your payment method by activating your Simplyk account, and going to Dashboard → My donations.
Can I use Simplyk to fundraise?
Absolutely! Whether you are part of a charity, or are looking to fundraise for your favourite cause, you can use our tools too! Create an organization account at this link.
I have another question about my donation. Who should I contact?
Although we are always happy to speak with you, the organization you have donated to is best suited to answer your questions. You can find their contact information in the thank you message you receive for your donation or purchase.
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