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We want donors to know that 100% of what they give goes to the mission of the organization. That's why our revenue model is based on transparency.

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100% Free for Life

At Simplyk, our core mission is to offer all organizations - both large and small - access to the best technology, for free.

Our donation forms and ticketing services are offered through an alternative business model based on the generosity of the online community. At the payment confirmation step, we offer donors the choice to support Simplyk by leaving a free contribution.

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The best conversion rates in the industry!

Our donation forms convert 130% more than the industry average, thanks to the optimized experience on cellphones and other devices!

This means that when donors start a donation form by Simplyk, they are 130% more likely to finish it.

Simplyk is also one of the only platforms that accepts Apple and Google Pay, two growing popular payment methods in North America. 

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0 cents + 0% per transaction. We cover the STRIPE fees

It's free, without conditions. Every transaction comes with bank charges - which we cover for you. Since we negotiate for thousands of organizations, our Stripe fees are reduced, making for a sustainable solution for the long term, in which every organization wins!

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More than 4,000 organizations trust us.

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